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 Istilah yg digunakan NOKIA

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PostSubyek: Istilah yg digunakan NOKIA   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:45 pm

A/D - converter - Analog-to-digital converter
A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
ACI - Accessory Control Interface
ADC - Analog-to-digital converter
ADSP - Application DPS (expected to run high level tasks)
AGC - Automatic gain control (maintains volume)
ALS - Ambient light sensor
AMSL - After Market Service Leader
ARM - Advanced RISC Machines
ARPU - Average revenue per user (per month or per year)
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIP - Application Specific Interface Protector
B2B - Board to board, connector between PWB and UI board
BB - Baseband
BC02 - Bluetooth module made by CSR
BIQUAD - Bi-quadratic ,type of filter function)
BSI - Battery Size Indicator
BT - Bluetooth
CBus - MCU controlled serial bus connected to UPP_WD2,UEME and Zocus
CCP - Compact Camera Port
CDSP - Cellular DSP (expected to run at low levels)
CLDC - Connected limited device configuration
CMOS - Complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor circuit (low power consumption)
COF - Chip on Foil
COG - Chip on Glass
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CSR - cambridge silicon radio
CSTN - Color Super Twisted Nematic
CTSI - Clock Timing Sleep and interrupt block of Tiku
CW - Continuous wave
D/A - converter - Digital-to-analouge converter
DAC - Digital-to-analouge converter
DBI - Digital Battery Interface
DBus - DSP controlled serial bus connected between UPP_WD2 and Helgo
DCT-4 - Digital Core Technology
DMA - Direct memory access
DP - Data Package
DPLL - Digital Phase Locked Loop
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
DtoS - Differential to Single ended
EDGE - Enhanced data rates for global/GSM evaluation
EGSM - Extended GSM
EM - Energy management
EMC - Electromagnetic compability
EMI - Electromagnetic interference
ESD - Electrostatic discharge
FCI - Functional cover interface
FPS - Flash Programming Tool
FR - Full rate
FSTN - Film compensated super twisted nematic
GND - Ground, conductive mass
GPIB - General-purpose interface bus
GPRS - General Packet Radio Service
GSM - Group Special Mobile/Global System for Mobile communication
HF - Hands free
HFCM - Handsfree Common
HS - Handset
HSCSD - High speed circuit switched data (data transmission connection faster than GSM)
HW - Hardware
I/O - Input/Output
IBAT - Battery current
IC - Integrated circuit
ICHAR - Charger current
IF - Interface
IHF - Integrated hands free
IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity
IR - Infrared
IrDA - Infrared Data Associasion
ISA - Intelligent software architecture
JPEG/JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LDO - Low Drop Out
LED - Light-emitting diode
LPRF - Low Power Radio Frequency
MCU - Micro Controller Unit (microprocessor)
MCU - Multiport control unit
MIC, mic - Microphone
MIDP - Mobile Information Device Profile
MIN - Mobile identification number
MIPS - Million instructions per second
MMC - Multimedia card
MMS - Multimedia messaging service
NTC - Negative temperature coefficient, temperature sensitive resistor used as a temperature sensor
OMA - Object management architechture
OMAP - Operations, maintenance, and administartion part
Opamp - Operational Amplifier
PA - Power amplifier
PDA - Pocket Data Application
PDA - Personal digital assistant
PDRAM - Program/Data RAM (on chip in Tiku)
Phoenix - Software tool of DCT4.x
PIM - Personal Information Management
PLL - Phase locked loop
PM - (Phone) Permanent memory
PUP - General Purpose IO (PIO), USARTS and Pulse Width Modulators
PURX - Power-up reset
PWB - Printed Wiring Board
PWM - Pulse width modulation
RC - filter - Resistance-Capacitance filter
RF - Radio Frequency
RF PopPort TM - Reduced function PopPortTM interface
RFBUS - Serial control Bus For RF
RSK - Right Soft Key
RS-MMC - Reduced size Multi Media Card
RSSI - Receiving signal strength indicator
RST - Reset Switch
RTC - Real Time Clock (provides date and time)
RX - Radio Receiver
SARAM - Single Access RAM
SAW filter - Surface Acoustic Wave filter
SDRAM - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SID - Security ID
SIM - Subscriber Identity Module
SMPS - Switched Mode Power Supply
SNR - Signal-to-noice ratio
SPR - Standard Product requirements
SRAM - Static random access memory
STI - Serial Trace Interface
SW - Software
SWIM - Subscriber/Wallet Identification Module
TCXO - Temperature controlled Oscillator
Tiku - Finnish for Chip, Successor of the UPP, Official Tiku3G
TX - Radio Transmitter
UART - Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
UEME - Universal Energy Management chip (Enhanced version)
UI - User Interface
UPP - Universal Phone Processor
UPP_WD2 - Communicator version of DCT4 system ASIC
USB - Universal Serial Bus
VBAT - Battery voltage
VCHAR - Charger voltage
VCO - Voltage controlled oscillator
VCTCXO - Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
VCXO - Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
Vp-p - Peak-to-peak voltage
VSIM - SIM voltage
WAP - Wireless application protocol
WD - Watchdog
XHTML - Extensible hypertext markup language
Zocus - Current sensor, (used to monitor the current flow to and from the battery)
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Istilah yg digunakan NOKIA
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